Control & Instrument




This department is responsible for managing the EPC projects in the field of Automation, Control and Instruments in different industries such as oil, gas, petrochemistry and even cooper and steel industries. The examples below are the best descriptions for capabilities of control and instrument department.
•    Design, installation and implementation of industrial control and monitoring system in the company in the oil, gas and petro chemistry industry.
•    Converting of old manual systems to automatic ones.
•    Design, installation and implementation of automation and instrument project such as: DCS/ Tank Gauging (TG/LG) / PLC /BMS /Field bus system / dispatching / telemetry / SCADA/ PDCS/ PMS/


* Relative industries for instrument & control department:
•    Oil،gas،petrochemical
•    Steel industries
•     Water treatment plant
•    Power plant
* Instrument & control department includes:
•    Industrial automation
•    Power distribution control system (PDCS)
•    SCADA
•    Distributed control system (DCS)
•    Power management system (PMS)
•    Field control system (FCS)
•    Fire & gas alarm system & fire fighting
•    Building management system
•    Tank management system (TG/LG)
•    Design, installation, commissioning instrumentation system
* The main activities in instrument & control department are as following:
•    Design & engineering
•    Commissioning & erection
•    Consultation
•    Training
•    Support & maintenance
•    Calibration