Satel Raham Company (SRC) supports clients’ research and development (R&D) projects in the field of Fiber optic and Telecommunication from idea to prototyping, testing, manufacturing and installation either on one stage of the optical network/system development or throughout the entire process. Our R&D team works closely with the clients to find the right solution that perfectly suits clients’ specific needs.  
Our R&D services include but not limited to:
1.    Feasibility studies & customized technical proposals: including technical feasibility evaluation for integrating a given optical system into the existing network, thorough performance analysis of the expected solution accompanied by the main technological choices, techno-economic evaluation of the equipment, providing technical proposals, list of material (LOM), and list of price (LOP) for every stage for prototyping.

2.    Design, verification, and implementation: including offering optimised optical design solutions most suitable for the clients' needs or current systems while considering workability, operability/adaptability/maintainability, and capacity/functionality in the design phase of the project

3.    Metrology solutions: including performing a variety of measurement procedures to respond to the diversity of optical fibre-based components and systems in tune with the needs of users, performing “loss Budget” analysis during the design phase or before testing the optical link, offering optimised measurements and characterisation concerning telecommunications, data transfer, components and instrumentation.

4.    Test, Calibration, and Qualification: including conducting a variety of tests and calibrations on different types of optical and telecommunication components or fiber optic cables such as component testing, Continuity testing, Insertion loss testing, Bit error rate testing, Polarization measurement, wavelength measurement, dispersion measurement, bandwidth measurement, etc.

5.    Data analysis & Troubleshooting: including analysing and interpretation of test measurement results based on the diversity of optical fibre-based components and systems, performance and efficiency assessment of fiber optic components/systems and cable plants based on international and national standards, localization of network fault, offering technical proposal on how to economically fix the problem in the shortest time.  

6.    Consultation & Training: including offering training/consultancy services in the field of  planning Optical Distribution Network and equipment, providing detailed design for the construction of the network, providing onsite supervision for the construction of the network, providing training on equipment, system/software upgrade, or maintenance to the client’s staff, consultation on testing procedure during and after the construction of fiber optic network


SRC provides the complete package of services for telecommunication projects including:
-    Design, engineering & procurement of the outdoor and indoor fiber optic telecommunication cabinets and switches
-    Engineering, procurement & construction of different kinds of optical access networks such as passive optical networks (PON networks including: EPON and GPON), active optical networks (AON), point to point (P2P), fiber to the X networks (FTTX networks including: FTTH, FTTB, FTTC,…) for the next generation of fiber optic technology
-    Design, procurement, installation and commissioning of VHF, UHF and Microwave radio systems
The main responsibility of this department is to manage and implement turn-key projects in the field of high voltage transmission lines. That is based on the following categories.
-    Design & engineering , Supply of equipment:
•    Towers (Lattice, Telescopic, . . . )
•    Fittings for Earth system and Phase, Guard & OPGW cables
•    Phase and Guard cables especially ACSR and OPGW cables
•    Insulators (Glass, Porcelain, composite)

-    Executive operations:
•    Installation of Foundation
•    Erection of Towers
•    Cabling (Phase, Guard, OPGW)

-    Optical Fiber Installation:
It includes the installation of optical fiber cables - such as All-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) cable and optical ground wire (OPGW)- on transmission lines, lightning poles & distribution networks. We are able to execute these projects on Hot & Cold line status. All of activities will be planned and handled based on standard procedures of QA system defined in our organization.
(a)    OPGW installation:
This category covers installation of composite optical fiber cable or optical ground wire (OPGW) either on cold or hot transmission lines in the range of 63, 132, 230 & 400 KV. We have a successful track record including a number of certificate of satisfaction from different clients.
(b)    ADSS installation:
This category covers installation of All-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) cable for power distribution networks (20 KV) & lightning poles. We have a successful track record including a number of certificate of satisfaction from different clients.

This department is responsible for managing the EPC projects in the field of Automation, Control and Instruments in different industries such as oil, gas, petrochemistry and even cooper and steel industries. The examples below are the best descriptions for capabilities of control and instrument department.
•    Design, installation and implementation of industrial control and monitoring system in the company in the oil, gas and petro chemistry industry.
•    Converting of old manual systems to automatic ones.
•    Design, installation and implementation of automation and instrument project such as: DCS/ Tank Gauging (TG/LG) / PLC /BMS /Field bus system / dispatching / telemetry / SCADA/ PDCS/ PMS/